Betting on Rowing

Betting on rowing provides great opportunities to gain enhanced odds and extend your wagering repertoire. Rowing is seen as a niche sport, which naturally means fewer punters will be putting money on the outcome of races, even when the Summer Olympics is taking place.

For those who do follow the sport, the best rowing sportsbooks offer great odds and extensive markets on major events like the World Rowing Championships, the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and the European Championships.

The sport dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, when Pharaohs would hold races down the Nile River on wooden barges. Like sailing, it has not changed much over the years, with the end goal being the fastest boat from point A to point B.

Rowing Classes

If you want to get into betting on rowing it is essential to understand the different boat classes. The size of the boat and the number of rowers defines the class, as well as if the boat has a coxswain (someone steering it).

Officially there are 21 competitive boat classes, of which 14 are used for the Olympic Games. Since the majority of bets will be placed on Olympic or World Championship events, we can focus on the most popular classes.

At all major competitions, the events are split into men’s and women’s competitions and medals are awarded separately. The best betting sites will provide odds on men’s and women’s events, as well as overall country medals. Both men and women compete in multiple boat classes including:

  • Single Sculls – One person propelling the boat with two oars on either side
  • Double Sculls – Two people propelling the boat with two oars each
  • Coxless Pairs – Two people propelling the boat with one sweep oar each
  • Quad Sculls – Four people propelling the boat with two oars each
  • Coxless Fours – Four people propelling the boat with one sweep oar each
  • Eight – Eight people propelling the boat with sweep oars while the cox steers

Popular International Events

The best rowing sportsbooks will accept wagers for major events around the globe, with outright markets on race winners, and markets for medal winners and race category winners.

The most popular are the World Rowing Championships, which are held every year. The 2019 Championships will be held in Austria on the 25th of August. Every four years, the Summer Olympic Games and Paralympics add more betting action to the calendar. In between, there are smaller competitions to bet on, like the European Championships, the World Cup events, the Junior Championships, the Coastal Championships and the Masters Regatta.

Popular Betting Options

Betting on rowing can seem a little complex and confusing at first, much like any niche sport. The key is to understand the different boat classes and the strength of individual rowers and those in a team. Some teams have a stronger individual rower that will do well in the single scull events, while other countries have teams that only perform well in larger boats, like the fours or eights.

At the Olympics and the World Rowing Championships, medals are awarded for first, second and third place. At the best betting sites online it is possible to place a wager on the gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal winner in each race category for both men and women’s events. Outright bets can also be placed on the country to win the most gold medals, or the most medals overall. At the 2016 Summer Olympics for example, Great Britain topped the tables with 3 golds and 5 medals overall.

If you’re looking for a niche sport and want to wager on something different, the best rowing sportsbooks offer plenty of opportunities to put money on local and international events. As always, do your research before you wager and ensure you know as much as possible in order to make an accurate prediction.