Betting on Boxing

For more than a century boxing has served punters really well and now that online sports betting has truly taken off, betting on this magnificent sport is available to anyone will to give it a try. Of all the sports out there, boxing stands out and for a number of reasons. It’s an exhilarating sport, despite the odds, it can be unpredictable and let’s face it, hand to hand combat remains a very pure form of sports and this could be attributed to the fact that people have been fighting each other since time began. Those who opt to bet on boxing do so for various reasons. For some it’s about having two evenly matched giants whereby for others it’s about a classic case of David vs Goliath. At the end of the day, each and every fight is an opportunity to come away with cash in hand.

Standard Odds and Betting Options

Betting on boxing provides such a rich diversity of betting options. But before we explore the other avenues, let’s start with the bare basics of betting on boxing – that of who will win. This is the simplest bet you can make in boxing – will fighter A or B win. In a fight considered even, for example Oscar De La Hoy vs Floy Mayweather the American odds might have been something like -140 favourite on Da La Hoy ( bet 100 to win 140) and +120 on Mayweather ( bet 100 to win 120).  A fight that differs quite dramatically and using Percentage odds this time round would once again have Mayweather, but this time up against Conner McGregor. Mayweather stands a 22% chance of being knocked down whereby McGregor stands a 65% chance of hitting the canvas.

Stategies for Betting on Boxing

While going the simple route of just choosing who you think will win is the easiest way to go about betting on boxing, a much more exciting way to go about it is to bet on specific decisions. Boxing presents an exciting slew of options starting with the Method of Victory which entails Draw, KO, TKO, DQ or Decision. It unfolds further to include Total Rounds, often over 9.5 or under 9.5 and then also on to who will win specific rounds. It gets really interesting with specific rounds because you can view the odds and then start betting on who will win each individual round. Finally there’s the Exact Method of Victory. Odds are supplied for each and every betting category and in this section you can choose which fighter will win by TKO, KO, Unanimous Decision, Split Decision, Majority Decision or DQ (Disqualification).

Choose the Right Betting Website

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