Curling: An Introduction

Curling is a winter sport and one that’s most popular in Canada. Ever since its comeback in the Winter Olympics, it’s experienced a resurgence in popularity. Curling’s popularity extends beyond Canada to include the United States, Europe, Asia and even Scotland. Of all the sports out there, Curling is quite different and if you haven’t been exposed to it before, it may befuddle you a little bit. The game takes place on ice and consists of four players. The idea is to slide rocks down the ice towards a target at the other end.  The ice is referred to as the sheet and the target as the house. The team who gets the rock as close to the pin (the centre of the target) earns the majority of the points. Curling is quite interesting to behold; at a glance it looks like a bunch of guys sweeping the ice with a broom, but upon closer inspection the reality of the sport is revealed.

A standard Curling game constitutes 8 rounds and if there is a tie the teams will play an extra round (end) to have a winner. The team with the most rocks is the winner.

Curling: A Quick History

You might not know this, but of all the sports out there, Curling is one of the oldest.  Debate about this information continues, and of all places, Scotland is its land of origin. The Scots are certainly not to be trifled with when it comes to their contributions to sport. They gave us golf and from the look of things, Curling too. Exact dates are not available, but historians and enthusiasts point to the 1500s. The oldest Curling clubs in the world are at least a few hundred years old. Scotland’s oldest Curling club was founded in 1716 and still operates. Time and technology have allowed the game to improve and today it’s often referred to as chess on ice.  Believe it or not, the game involves some serious skill as players are made to cause the stone to travel in an arc. It’s no small task, let us assure you.

Betting on Curling

When betting on Curling, there are two ways in which to complete the act. The simplest bet is simply choosing who you think will win the match. Odds will be determined by the strengths of the teams and provided by the online sportsbook that you’ve elected to sign up with. The second betting is offered by way if spread betting. In this case the better of the two teams is handicapped by a series of points to level the playing fields between the two.

Big Curling Events

There’s no point in talking about Curling without touching on the major events on which you can bet. Leading the way is the World Curling Tour, often referred to as the ‘bonspiels’. This event is joined by other notable Curling events, namely the Winter Olympics. Curling has an on and off again relationship with the Winter Olympics and only joined the official medal program in 1998.

The World Championships is quite an affair to behold with top nations competing for qualification. Both male and female teams garner betting attention. The next one is The Brier, a Canadian event and a very popular one due mainly to the sport’s popularity in that country. Finally there’s the Tournament of Hearts, a women’s competition established way back in 1961 and now referred to as the Scotties.

These Curling events are available through the various online sports betting operators that we’ve sussed out on your behalf. All you need to do is check out our reviews and then decide at which one you’d like to bet on Curling.