Darts Betting

When you think of online sports betting, darts is not the first sport that pops into your head. In fact, most people think darts is a game that is only played in pubs and at social gatherings. The truth is that darts is a fiercely competitive international sport that combines fitness, strength, mental fortitude and years of training. Darts is also one of the few betting sports where bettors can track a single competitor through their career. With online darts betting, anyone can place multiple bets and then sit back and watch the action unfolds.

Understanding Darts

If you are keen to try your hand at darts betting, the first step is to understand how the game works. As with any form of sports betting, the more you know about the sport and the competitors, the greater your chances are of placing a winning bet.

There are two basic types of darts games, namely singles - where two players face off against each other and doubles where players work in teams of two. A game of darts is played over an average number of sections called legs. For example, a match of “best of five legs” can be won by winning just three out of the five legs.

In darts, a throw consists of three darts with players throwing alternatively. The most commonly played darts match is 501 where players must throw the exact amount in numbers slowly reducing their score until they get to 0. Other common matches include 1001, 701 and 301. In some cases, players have to start by throwing a double before they can start scoring. However, many international competitions use straight starts where players immediately start scoring.

Online Darts Bets

Once you have a good handle on how the sport works, you can look at the different type of online darts bets. For novice bettors, the easiest bet to place is a simple match bet. This basically involves picking the winner of a particular darts match. For more experienced bettors there are a number of basic and prop bets that can be place including:

  • Tournament bets – Picking the outright winner of a darts tournament
  • First 180 – Picking a player who will score the first 180 in a match
  • Highest Double Percentage – Picking the player who wills score the highest percentage of doubles in a match
  • 9 Dart finish – This involves placing a bet on whether the match will end with 9 darts

Before You Bet

Before you place any significant bet online, it is best to do a bit of homework on the competitors. There are many factors that can influence the outcome of a darts match. Firstly, a bettor needs to have a track record of the player in question. Secondly, you need to look at where the match is being played, what type of game it is, has the player been out of action for a while and what was the previous result of such a matchup? Once you are confident you have a good idea who will win, you can place individual or multiple bets on any match or tournament.