eSports Betting Explained

eSports has not just exploded on television and online streaming services, the public has also responded with real money betting on the various sporting events hosted throughout the year. eSports has definitely landed in the main stream and by checking out our recommended betting sites, you can now make real money wagers on your favourite eSports.

If you are completely new to eSports, don’t worry. Getting into eSports betting is very simple if you are already familiar with online sports betting. The principles remain the same; it’s just the sports that have changed. eSports still take place in a team environment where squads of up to 5 players will compete on a side in a world-class league structure to determine the top teams or players on the planet.

World Class eSports Teams

The teams that make it through to the Championship events are truly world-class gamers who have mastered their craft and work together in a team to be the best players in the world. Players generally create their own teams before they play regional qualifiers to get access to the major events or they can climb the leader boards built into games to gain international recognition, without having to leave your country.

Almost all eSports events will have 16 teams competing from literally all over the world.

Familiar Betting Formats

eSports betting doesn’t require a degree in rocket science or the ability to actually play the games you are watching, although it does help. You can pick up great betting tips at online sources to get you started, but once you get to know the players and the teams you will soon have your favourite side.

When it comes to the betting itself, you will be surprised just how close eSports and real sports are. Punters can make outright to win bets on player or teams, they can also make proposition bets. For example, that one player will kill another player first, or for example, in Dota 2, players need to destroy towers, a proposition wager can include which team will destroy the first tower.

Many Great Games to Bet On

There are many unique games that are played competitively around the world.

Below are a few of the major eSports games that attract the most attention.

  • League Of Legends – 5v5 multiplayer online battles.
  • StarCraft 2 – One-on-One Real Time Strategy gameplay in a futuristic setting with human, alien and robot armies.
  • Dota 2 – 5v5 online battle game that breaks records for prize money on offer in its tournaments.
  • Hearthstone – a very popular game that has many nuanced gameplay elements. It essentially combined casino table games with role-playing.
  • Smite – An up and coming 5v5 battle game that is more and more popular with online gaming fans.

The great games, easy to get into betting and, of course, the world-class sporting events, make eSports betting a great pastime and investment.

Notable eSports Tournaments

Keep an eye out for these eSports tournaments as they offer great betting opportunities:

  • The DreamHack Open
  • The ELEAGUE Major
  • The ESL One
  • The League Of Legends Championship Series
  • The Garena Premier League
  • The Latin American Cup
  • The Dota 2 Professional League
  • The Russian E-Sports Cup
  • The WESG
  • The Pro Gamer League