An Introduction to Outright Wagers

Future, or outright wagers, offer bettors higher odds on markets for major sporting events. These lucrative bets can be incredibly rewarding if you are skilled at predicting the results of an event weeks or months in advance.

While they may be seen as high risk when compared to standard pre-match wagers, the risk is far lower than in a parlay, but still offers decent pricing. They form a perfect middle ground of risk to reward ratio, and should form the basis of any strong online sportsbetting strategy.

What are Future Bets?

Future bets or outrights are aptly named, since they involve putting money on events that take place some time in the future.

With regular pre-match sports bets, bookmakers will release the odds a few days before the event, or at most a week. The odds only begin to fluctuate on the day, or hours before the match or race takes place.

In contrast, with outright wagers bookmakers will post odds weeks or even months ahead of time. They get their name from the fact that they involve predicting the outcome of an entire event, instead of a single match, or the individual placing’s of a race. Since the odds are released so far ahead of time, the initial pricing is far higher than anything you will find with a standard pre-match wager. The closer to the event, the worse the pricing gets.

Examples of Outright Wagers

With online sports betting, outright wagers can be placed on all major events that have a season, or regular scheduling during the year. For example, in American Football, you can place a future wager on the winner of the Super Bowl, before the first game of the regular season has even been played. With Basketball, you could predict the Conference champions, or with Football, the winners of the Premier League or the Champions League.

There are other options of this type of sports bet that can be placed on individual events such as Tennis or Golf. With Tennis you can predict the Wimbledon Men’s singles Champion for the upcoming season, or in Golf, the winner of the US Open. With Formula One, you can predict the winning driver or the winning constructor of the current season. Other examples include predicting the winner of the Dakar Rally, the winner of the Grand National horse race, or even the team to win the FIFA World Cup.

The Pros and the Cons

Like all forms of online sportsbetting, there are advantages and disadvantages to outright wagers. The advantages are easy to see. The biggest advantage is simply to do with the pricing of the event. The odds you will get when you place a bet months in advance is much higher than you will get if you placed the same wager a week, or a few days before the event. Higher odds translate to bigger winnings and more cash in your pocket.

The downside is that you never really know what is going to happen, especially when you are betting so early. It may be that you place a bet on a team that doesn’t even make it through the first round of a tournament, or has a bad season from the second game. With Tennis, you could end up placing a bet on a player to win a tournament that they don’t even qualify for. With Formula One, your driver could crash in the second race of the season and not compete for the rest of the year.

Future sports bets are so unpredictable that they are considered risky. However, if you are confident in a player or a team’s performance in an upcoming season, you could potentially make a lot of money.