Betting on Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is an Irish team sport played between two sides each consisting of 15 players on a field stretching 185 metres in length and 85 metres in breadth. The aim is to score and this can be achieved by punching or kicking the ball into the goal post net or by kicking or punching it over the top of the goal post as one would in a game of rugby. The ball is advanced through a series of moves which include bouncing, kicking, carrying and soloing (dropping the ball and toe-kicking it back into the hands) – this is to continue advancing while still keeping the ball.

Gaelic sport is Ireland’s most popular sport when it comes to attendance. The game is split into three major tournaments consisting of National Football League, the All-Ireland Senior Championship and the All-Ireland Club Championship.

Our Bookmakers offer Gaelic Football

When it comes to betting on Gaelic Football there are three sport book operators that we highly recommend for this one in particular.  They are as follows:

  • Paddy Power Sport: has conducted a full-on review of this operator if you’d like to know more. Paddy Power is the number one option for Gaelic Football as this book maker is Irish in origin. Thus, their coverage of Gaelic Football is the best out there. This bookmaker covers every GAA Football and GAA Hurling match and offers an excellent range of markets for each one. Between 30 and 40 markets can be made available for each match. Common markets include match results, handicap markets and more.
  • Betvictor:  Once again, we’ve conducted a full review on this sports operator which you are welcome to read in case you need or want to know more. Betvictor comes second to Paddy Power in terms of its coverage of Gaelic Football but as a non-Irish bookmaker does a very good job. Betvictor covers both GAA Football and GAA Hurling. Betvictor price up club football and club hurling matches and while they don’t provide as many markets as Paddy might, the fact that they cover Gaelic Football gets them a spot on the list.
  • Bet365: Coming in at third place is Bet365, another sports book operator on which we have conducted a complete review in case you’d like to know more.  Bet365 doesn’t quite match up to Paddy Power or Betvictor. Whereby most operators won’t even offer Gaelic Football, Bet635 provides dedicated GAA Sports section and cover the majority of the football and hurling matches. Markets are limited to simple result ones.

If you’re a follower of Gaelic Football then you’ve come to the right online sports betting portal website. Our well-written and informative reviews will help you settle on a sports book maker that is perfectly suited to your betting needs. Each one offers player incentives, hundreds and thousands of markets and in-play betting with live odds.  Take your sports betting to new levels with Gaelic Football and so many other sports from which to choose and potentially profit from.