Betting on Golf

It’s one of the highest paying sports in the world and it doesn’t insist that those who play be in the best shape of their lives. Golf is actually quite an old sport and while its official origin lies in Scotland, historians still debate its roots. To be fair to all involved, golf’s history is one of multiple strands. There’s evidence to suggest the roman game of paganica contributed as the Romans conquered Europe. Others cite the Chinese and a game called Chuiwan. England, France and the Netherlands all have had a game similar in nature. At a professional level, the game is a multi-million dollar pursuit and therein lies its great betting appeal. If you’re looking to start cashing in on all those great golfing tournaments, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at we’ll point out all the exciting online betting hubs at which you can bet on golf.

Where to Bet on Golf

We’ve looked at a great many online sports betting sites and bookmakers to bring to you only the best ones out there. If you’re wondering why you should bet on golf at one of our sport websites, allow us to explain.

The top betting sites that we endorse have met certain requirements, offer loads of sporting events, are regulated and know how to treat and take care of their members. Each site offers the A to Z of sporting events around the world with slight variations here and there –the most common attributes being the bonuses and the odds. Because each operator employs its own professional traders, you might find that the odds will vary a bit from sports book to sports book. Certain events might also be excusive to certain brands.

What is important to note is that each member of our site is on the level. Regulation is also of the utmost importance. Regulation makes sure that the online sports operator treats its players right, provides a safe betting environment, provides prompt payouts and supports responsible betting.

Golf Events to bet On

Thanks to the popularity of gold, you’ll find that there’s lots to get involved in. If you’re ready to place a wager on golf, you can do so on these fantastic events:

  • European Tour
  • PGA Tour
  • The Open
  • US Masters
  • US Open
  • US PGA Championship
  • Ryder Cup
  • Solheim Cup
  • FedEx Cup
  • Race to Dubai

Types of Bets

Online sports betting entails all types of bets and the same applies to the game of golf. The following bets are applicable all-round:

  • Lay Betting
  • Arb Betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Asian Handicap Betting
  • Spread Betting
  • Accumulator Betting
  • In-Play Betting

Sign up today with any of our accredited online sport betting sites and take a free tutorial in case you’ve never done this before. We can assure you, once it bites, you’ll stay bitten!

Bet on Golf at Betfair

If you’re passionate about golf, then Betfair is the place for you. If you’re an avid fan of golf, then Betfair is where you want to be and if you’re a golf aficionado, then you’ve got to sign up at Betfair. Not only will Betfair set you up with excellent coverage of the sport of golf, but it will offer you thousands more markets and bets including in-play betting, one of the most exciting ways in which to bet on sport. Betfair really is the ultimate gaming and gambling destination and its coverage of all things to wager on is simply astounding.

Betfair is segmented in such a way that you’ll easily find your way around it and soon be playing exactly what you want to play. Live casino games, poker games, exchange games, arcade games, bingo and virtual sports are all to be found under the banner that is Betfair. An impressive and sleekly designed exterior will give way and open you up to a new world of winning possibilities.

Betfair is not shy with its promotions and this is something you’re sure to see for yourself when you sign up. Free chips, match bonuses and lots more is laying wait until you arrive.