Sports Betting Q&A

Online sports betting is taking the world by storm and it has already attracted the attention of a huge number of punters from all over the globe.

That said, we all have questions every now and again, and many questions amongst punters are similar. Below we look at the most common questions asked by punters, and their answers.

Can I Bet On Desktop & Mobile with 1 Account?

Punters will be happy to note that you generally only need a single sports betting account to access an online bookmaker on desktop or mobile. This means that you can download the mobile betting app and simply log in with your existing player details.

As most online sportsbooks now offer a mobile option too, you don’t need to open a second account, you can simply use your existing details to wager on the go.

How Do I Deposit Into My Betting Account?

You cannot make real money bets without cash in your sports betting account. The simplest way to make a deposit is to use e-Wallet services. They quickly and safely allow you to make deposits and withdrawals. That said, punters could also use all major debit and credit cards endorsed by either VISA or MasterCard.

If you are concerned about online security, the bookmakers are already way ahead of you. Online sports bookmakers use SSL data encryption software to encrypt and mask your personal information and gaming activity so you can rest assured that you are betting in safe hands.

How Do I Bet On International Games?

Betting online gives you direct access to a host of international sports and local sports markets. You do not need any special subscriptions or passwords to access international markets, they will all be displayed prominently online. All punters can place wagers on their international sporting events like the Tour De France, the Ryder Cup, American Football and other events online.

Some betting sites may focus more on local markets, or more on international markets. In general however, most online sportsbooks will simply try and provide bettors with a wide range of betting options from all over the globe.

Why Should I Bet Online?

Some sports betting enthusiasts are quite happy travelling to land based betting shops and making their wagers there. They enjoy standing in line, clutching their wallets and hanging on to their scraps of betting tickets.

Online bettors however prefer the convenience of online betting. You can bet at anytime, anywhere using your computer or your mobile device. You won’t have to worry about shop hours or your personal safety. Online sports betting sites also automatically keep track of your bets, so you won’t have to hang on to slips of paper every time you place a wager.

You won’t have to wait in a line to be able to place your bet either, and once you have won a wager you don’t have to collect your funds. Online bookmakers simply pay your winnings directly into your betting account.

What Sports Are Available?

The sports you will find available at online sportsbooks span all genres. You can bet on just about everything and will find boxing, basketball, cricket, tennis and rugby, alongside a host of other markets. Bettors will also find less common sports to wager on, like yachting and darts. Basically if there is a world championship of something, you will be able to bet on it!

You will even find unusual bets in the form of proposition, or novelty, bets. These can include which actor will win an Oscar, when a band will break up, which hockey player will get knocked out in a brawl and other rather fun and unusual options.

How Do Free Bets Work?

Free bets are part of bonus promotions. Usually when a bettor signs up or makes a deposit at a sports betting site above a certain value, they are awarded a bonus in the form of a free bet. These bets can either be completely free, or they can be match bets which means the sportsbook will match an amount you pay on a bet, with a free bet on another game.

Free bets will have certain criteria attached to them. The most common stipulation is that free bets can only be used at certain odds; for example even money or lower. Secondly, free bets will often be limited to certain sports or certain events.

Can I Trust The Odds?

Online sportsbooks determine their own odds. This is why signing up to multiple betting accounts is generally good idea, as you can pick and choose your favourite odds.

You can decide for yourself if you trust the odds simply by comparing multiple sites on the same event. You can also choose from our recommend sites to easily find the most competitive odds available online.

Online bookmakers know that great odds attract bettors, so they will offer odds that are competitive, as they know that is what so many bettors look for!

Should I Bet on the Underdog?

This is a tricky one. We won’t say yes or no here, but remember that when you bet on the favourite the odds are lower, and so is the payout. If you bet on the underdog and they win, then you’ll receive a handsome payout- so taking a risk can really pay off.