Betting on Rugby Union

Betting on Rugby can be quite a profitable affair for all those punters out there with dealings varying from straight match bets to handicap markets, or from first-try scorer to first-scoring play, and many more. Needless to say, if you’re going to bet on a sport, you need to know a thing or two before pursuing the matter. For one thing, Rugby Union goes according to club competitions and international games. If you look to the UK where the more domestic side of the game lies, the Aviva premiership is quite big on the map. However, if we’re going to look at where the largest slice of the betting pie lies, we need to look to the Six Nations, which kicks off in February.

Know the Teams

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, sport betting is very unlike casino betting, which is far more random and reliant on algorithms known as Random Generators. Sports betting requires a more serious mind, and one that’s prepared to study every aspect of the sport in question. Sports betting takes passion and determination, and if you’re going to be betting on rugby, you need to know the teams. This applies to the historical and current form of the teams at play. Always look back at a team’s wins and losses. And remember, just because a team is a solid one, it doesn’t mean it’s going to triumph in the next game.

Also, look at the styles of play, as this information can help you make key decisions to use in your betting strategy. If you’re watching a game where both teams use the same style of play, you might find yourself better off betting in penalty situations.

Betting Markets

Key markets to focus on when betting on rugby would be First Try Scorer. Wings are most likely to be the ones doing this. In fact, statistically speaking, 70% of pass moves end with wingers. Put another way, wingers are the strikers of rugby. The next market to set your sights on is Any Time Try Scorer. More often than not, your success in these dealings will also come down to the winger. The flexibility of rugby means that the winger can emerge and score from a number of positions.

Online/Mobile Betting Advantages

If the world on iGaming online betting or mobile sports betting is one you’ve yet to explore, you need to know that there aren’t any disadvantages to this approach. We dare say the Tote, though far from passé, will certainly see less action as the years go by. This is due simply to technology, and it’s a natural consequence of having more convenient alternatives.

At the end of the day, sport still takes place in the arena or on the track, but it’s the way that bets are carried out that has changed over the years. In fact, the online and mobile sector have revolutionised the whole movement. Betting through an online sportsbook, be it through your PC or via your smartphone, is simply better and faster. Plus, with all the markets at your disposal, you could be sitting in the pub and placing bets while the game is under way. With so much online and mobile sports betting going on, betting itself has become more thrilling and more action-packed. For these reasons and many others, this is very clearly the way forward.