Snooker: A Brief History

Snooker dates all the way back to the 19th century and Britain’s then empire building initiatives in India. The game itself has its origins in Etawah, India. Then, the game was most enjoyed by British Army officers stationed in India and was the result of combining two pocket billiard games, namely life pool and pyramid. The game evolved and came into its own around 1184 when its first set of rules were finalised by Sir Neville Chamberlain. The term “snooker” itself was one originally used by cadets and by Neville to describe the form of those who played the game poorly. However, the name stuck and by 1887, the game was given this definitive reference in England in a copy of Sporting Life, a publication that helped to spur the growth of the game.

By 1927, 40 years after an official formation, the first World Snooker Championship was held. Snooker experienced a slump during the 1950s and 1960s, but all this turned around in 1969 when David Attenborough commissioned Pot Black, a snooker tournament that was actually conceptualised to showcase the potential of colour TV. Interest increased dramatically and the 1978 World Snooker Championship was the first one ever televised. After this, the game enjoyed mainstream success. The loss of tobacco sponsoring saw less tournaments in the early 2000s, but once new sponsorship were sourced and secured, the game saw further growth in new markets like the Far East and China.

Key to the current success of the game has been Barry Hearn, a promoter who in 2010 gained a controlling interest in World Snooker Ltd, and became the commercial arm of the sport. Under his tutelage there has been a rise in the number of professional tournaments, a rise in prize money and change in certain formats of the game to increase interest.

Betting on Snooker

When it comes to betting on snooker, three events have come to define the sport, making this the perfect time for you to try to cash in on it all. They are the UK Championship, held in December, followed by the Masters in January and culminating with the World Championship in May. These three major events are the icing on a cake, with layers including another eight ranking events in Australia, Wales, Germany and a further 5 in China. In essence, snooker can offer any aficionado a fair amount of possibilities.

Snooker Markets

Various markets are available and the majority of matches get streamed live with quite a few sports betting sites. Hardly a week can go by without there being something for the snooker enthusiast. Popular markets are divided into two segments – tournament and matches. For tournaments, the markets/betting options are:

  • Outright
  • To reach the final
  • To win the quarter

For matches, the markets/betting options are:

  • To win match
  • Handicap betting
  • Correct score
  • Frame betting
  • Total frames
  • Total centuries
  • Highest breaks

Snooker Betting Tips

  • Monitor the formbook
  • Watch and learn from qualifiers and minor events
  • Analyse the draw in detail
  • Learn player styles
  • Bach high, lay low in-running