Online Soccer Betting

There are so many reasons why betting on soccer online is awesome and there are numerous advantages to this type of sports betting. You can have fun, learn more about your favourite team and players, and you stand a chance of winning a large sum of money should your prediction prove correct.

With online soccer betting you can wager on local and international leagues and teams, and just about every event that rolls around, from the FIFA World Cup to the UEFA Champions League. Soccer is played across the globe and there’s never a shortage of events to wager on when you opt for this type of sports betting.

To learn more about how you can enjoy betting on soccer online, read on.

How Online Soccer Betting Works

Betting on soccer online is simple. You’ll need to sign up with an online sports betting site or two first, then compare the odds to get the best deal. Remember that the better the odds, the bigger the payout, and with online soccer betting there are some huge returns up for grabs.  

Once you’ve decided where to bet and what type of bet to place, you’ll complete the betting process by following the easy prompts, and you’ll be issued with an online betting slip. Then, you can watch and wait as the game plays out, and you could be in the money!

Types of Soccer Bets

Deciding which soccer bets to place shouldn’t be too tricky, but before you begin wagering it’s best to understand what your options are.

In online soccer betting there are moneyline, total, goal line and split bets. Moneyline bets are on which team will win, but in addition to a 2-way moneyline bet, you can also wager on a 3-way moneyline bet. This includes a draw option, accommodating the low-scoring nature of many soccer games.

Many online soccer betting sites also offer proposition bets, or ‘prop bets’ on specific events, such as who will score the first goal, or even who will be sent off the field first!

Total Bets

Totals are bets on the overall score at the end of the game, and are a good idea if you know the teams’ performance history. All you need to do is predict the final score, and you could walk a way a winner. In soccer betting, this is the simplest wager, and a great starting point for beginners.

Goal Line Bets

Goal line bets is the name given to points spread bets in soccer. You’re betting on what the difference in the teams’ scores will be. In goal line betting, the underdog team is given a point advantage and the favourite is given a point disadvantage, indicated by a + and – respectively. This number will be added to or taken away from the final scores, to determine the winner.

Split Bets

The split bet is a version of the goal line bet, and involves splitting your wager in 2 between 2 close numbers. Both are related to what the difference between the teams’ goals might be, so it’s a way of betting on multiple outcomes.

Odds, Probabilities and Payouts

Being able to read odds in soccer betting is vital as they indicate the chances you have of winning, and how much you’ll be paid out. Odds can be expressed in 1 of 3 formats:

Fractional odds are written as fractions, with the top number being your payout and the bottom number being your stake.

Decimal odds are simply multiplied by your bet amount to determine your payout.

American odds use a + or – sign to show you how much you stand to win if you bet 100, and how much you need to bet to win 100 respectively.

To interpret the odds, you need to consider the probability – odds are essentially the ratio between a real life event happening versus the event not happening. You can do this with a converter online, or apply trusted formulae.

Now that you know how to bet on soccer online, sign up at one of our trusted sites and get started!