Betting on Squash

Squash is one of the many sports that you can bet on if you sign up with any of our accredited and popular sports betting websites. Whether you’d rather be sitting behind your laptop or doing it on your smartphone, sports betting will be offered on both platforms. Thus, you can enjoy online sports betting and mobile sports betting – the latter of which is handy when you’re watching a game at the pub. Squash may not be the most popular of sports on which to bet, but it enjoys a sound following. Developed at Harrow School in 1830, the game of squash is governed by the World Squash Federation. To date, squash has been denied inclusion in the Olympic Games.

Squash Betting Tips

Sports betting is a more serious endeavour than casino betting, which often viewed as more of a pastime, hobby or possibly, way of life. Sports betting requires greater commitment. One needs to study the game and all its intricacies to fully grasp the concept and thus be better acquainted with your sport of choice. The following tips are applicable for the individual looking to bet on squash:

  • Subscribe to a publication like Squash Magazine or Squash Player, along with various squash-related websites to analyse recent matches. While not widely publicised on TV, the Internet has made squash more accessible and thus matches are available to view and analyse on YouTube.
  • Pay close attention to form and injury reports, which can make all the difference.
  • Compare odds and prices at a bunch of different online sports betting sites and maybe even land-based bookies to ascertain the best value.
  • Check the in-play betting odds.

What Next?

Now that you’ve decided you’re going to bet on Squash, you’ll need to set up a sports betting account and that’s where we come in! Our online and mobile sports betting sites can facilitate your need to bet on squash. The Top Betting Sites homepage is full of reviews of what we consider to the top performing sports betting websites. Simply click on the ‘read now’ tab to get all the relevant information required to help you make the right call. Each sports betting operator offers a free bet to all newcomers, definitely something to take advantage of while you can.

What to Bet on in Squash

Online and mobile sports betting operators actually have quite a decent spread in terms of available bets/markets. Despite not being as popular as football, boxing or motorsport, squash has the following betting options available:

  • Match Betting: Predicting which player will win the match.
  • Handicap Betting: Match totals.
  • Point Betting: Applicable to in-play events.
  • Odd/Even markets.
  • Player totals in terms of points or scores at the end of the match.
  • Predicting the correct game score.
  • Winning margins.

The game of squash can be a lot more exciting when factored into the exciting and lucrative world of online sports betting. If you’ve been looking to profit from this sport, then you’ve come to the right place.