Online Tennis Betting At Legal Bookmakers

With men and women’s single or doubles matches, Tennis provides a simple, focused sports betting experience that features variables and player statistics that are relatively simple to keep track of. Each match features two or four players facing off against each other in a racquet game that can be nail-bitingly exciting.

Either way, you are not working with squads of ten or more players on each side; instead you can focus your research and strategy on individuals. In fact if you are already used to the hard work of gathering statistics for team sports, online Tennis betting simply means you can more easily make more informed decisions on a variety of individual players.

There are also enough annual events to keep most fans quite busy. Major Tennis tournaments take place all over the world, making Tennis one of the most inclusive and diverse sports available online for betting.

The Biggest Tennis Betting Opportunities

So what are the major events that offer exciting and international quality Tennis betting opportunities for Tennis fans? The major player in Tennis is of course the ATP, who offers the Grand Slam, The Masters Series, The ATP 500 and 250, which all concludes with the ATP finals. These major tours are all split into numerous smaller events.

If mainstream tennis is not your favourite, then you have over 1100 ITF Futures tours and matches to bet on. The ITF may not have the gilding of the ATP events but it offers rock solid world class tennis action on a regular basis.

Bet The Way You Want To

Online tennis betting gives you the freedom to choose which bets to place in which matches. There are standard Match bets, Over Under Bets, Score Betting and of course live In-Play betting.

The wagering options can vary between sport betting sites but the one thing you can be sure of is that you won’t have a lack of betting opportunities. Make sure that you are up to date on sports betting terms before you choose your betting option.

Having this range of bets at your fingertips also helps you when you need to formulate a betting strategy or adapt what you currently have set out. Being able to take an over under bet when you find out new information on an upcoming bet when you originally planned a single bet is the difference between a winning and losing bet.

Find Odds That Make It Worth It

The options you have with online tennis betting can also be extended to the options you have with online book makers. Our recommended tennis betting sites gives you access to the holy grail of sports betting, value bets.

You can find value bets by signing up to more than one online bookmaker, this means that you always have a range of odds offered to you. By listing and comparing the available odds at an online bookmaker, with the odds you predict with your tennis betting strategy, you can filter out which bookmakers hold a value bet on an upcoming Tennis match you want to bet on.

Try Tennis Betting For Yourself

Betting on tennis is growing in popularity every day, this is deposit it already being one of the most watched sports in the world. Online bettors are finding out everyday how simple yet engaging and fun Tennis betting can be.