Virtual Sports

By now, most online sports betting enthusiasts have heard of virtual sports. These digitally created events offer punters additional wagering opportunities with all the realism and drama of the real thing.

Bookmakers are constantly looking for new ways to offers enhanced options to their users with niche sports, extended markets and now the introduction of fully virtual events. This is ideal for bettors who want to bet on their favourite activities without having to wait for a live game, race or match to take place. You can think of it as on-demand wagering with a bit of extra fun.

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports see punters enjoy online sports betting on digitally created events, rather than on real life ones. These simulated events are created using the latest 3D software to look and feel exactly like the real thing. For example, instead of waiting for the NBA All Star Game, you can log on and bet on the virtual equivalent with all the top players representing the two teams. The software and graphics are so advanced that it feels like you are watching the real thing. The best part is that the events run throughout the day, giving you multiple opportunities to place quality wagers.

What Can Be Wagered On?

Since each event has to be created from scratch in a digital environment, there are only a handful of virtual sports on offer. As technology improves and as more bettors choose this method of wagering, the number of events will naturally increase, and developers will expand to include more options. For now, the majority of wagers are placed on things like Basketball, American Football, Soccer and tennis. There is also horseracing, greyhound racing, motor racing and cycling to choose from.

How Are The Results Produced?

In real life, the outcome of a match, race or game is determined mainly by the strength of the team or the player involved. Other factors such as injuries, fatigue, and changes to coaching staff and home ground advantage all play a role in determining the outcome. With virtual events, none of these factors influence the outcome. Instead, Random Number Generators (RNG’s) are used to create a fully randomised set of circumstances that can lead to one team scoring more than the other, or one horse winning the race, even if he is not the favourite.

Changing Your Online Sports Betting Strategy

With online and mobile sports betting, strategies usually involve doing research on the teams and the players prior to commencement. This helps in predicting which team will win, which is where the true skills of the craft are found.

Wagering on virtual sports is completely different. Since Random Number Generators are used, there is no way to predict what is going to happen. It’s like trying to predict where the ball will land in Roulette. What bookmakers do offer is the historical results of each match played in the simulated format. Punters can then use this information for predictions.

What Markets are Available?

With virtual betting, all of the usual sports bets and markets are available. The idea is to try and mimic the real action as much as possible. Before the action kicks off, the markets open and the odds are displayed. Popular markets include the money line or outright win, as well as half time betting, over/under bets and exact score.

Some options like soccer can have as many as 60 markets, including first team to score, top scoring player, total number of goals scored, if team will be awarded a penalty and if a player will be sent off. This ensures there is something for everyone to put money on, no matter how much skill or experience they may have.