2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series

Jake Cooper - 21 Jan 2019

For motorsport enthusiasts, petrolheads and sports bettors, NASCAR Racing provides plenty of fast paced action throughout the year. While the NASCAR Cup Series is the top tier of the racing discipline, the Xfinity series is no less intense and offers up great betting opportunities and a platform for younger talent to shine through. This February, the Xfinity series gets underway with the Daytona 300 on the 16th of February. The series will conclude on the 16th of November with the Ford EcoBoost 300 at the Miami Speedway.

About the Series

The origins of the Xfinity series dates back to 1950 when a fourth series was introduced called the “Sportsman’s Series”. The cars in the series were not current models and could be modified more than the regular series models but not as much as the “modified series”. By 1968, the series changed names to the Late Model Sportsman Series to more accurately reflect the racing conditions. It wasn’t until 1984 when the modern-day version of the series emerged with races held of popular tracks.

The modern series serves as testing ground for new talent and drivers that could prove themselves worthy of racing at the top level. Not much has changes since then, expect for the introduction of the seven-race chase system introduced in 2016 to mirror that used in the NASCAR Cup Series.

What to Expect in 2019?

2019 Will see very few changes from last year’s Xfinity Series. The most significant chance will come from Toyota who will be replacing the classic Toyota Camry with the slightly older but tougher Supra. Chevrolet and Ford will be keeping their cars as is for the new season while there are a number of team and driver changes. This year, there will be 33 races on the schedule, mirroring the 2018 events. Some of the highlights will be the Daytona 300, the Alsco 300 and the Indiana 250.

Betting Options

The NASCAR Xfinity series provides plenty of betting action throughout the year. For anyone interested in futures, the most popular outright bets include the series winner and rookie of the year. Bookmakers also offer a full range of race markets for each of the Xfinity races. Popular bets include the race winner, winning team and winning manufacturer. For more information about the race markets and betting odds, check out our top rated sportsbooks, Betway Sports, 888 Sport, Spin Palace Sports, Bodog and William Hill.

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