The 2019 NFL Draft

Jake Cooper - 20 Mar 2019

American Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch and bet on. Wagers can be placed on pre-season games, regular season games and the playoffs. Online sports betting sites also offer punters the opportunity to bet on the NFL Draft.

While it may seem odd, the drafting process is a huge deal in the Football community, and subsequently attracts a lot of attention. There are plenty of exciting wagers and big win opportunities if you know the sport well. If you want to get in on the action, find out more about the bets and the odds on offer at leading sportsbooks like William Hill or Bodog.

What is the NFL Draft?

Before the start of every new season the National Football League (NFL) holds a player recruitment event that is known as the draft. This is a single event where each team has a representative who will negotiate the signing of new rookies for the team or the trading of positions or players. Essentially, this is a meeting of representatives to determine the new blood for the teams in the upcoming season.

How Does the Draft Work?

The draft consists of several rounds in which teams have a set time limit to pick a player, trade their position or trade a player. In order to be eligible for the draft, players must be out of high school for a minimum of three years. In most cases, the players are picked up from top college football teams. The order in which the teams pick players is determined by their finishing order in the previous season. The team that finished last in the previous season is first to pick for the draft. The winners of the Super Bowl are the last to pick for each round. This ensures that lower order teams have the ability to sign top-level players.

Dates and Betting Details

The 2019 NFL Draft will take place on from the 25th of April to the 27th of April 2019. This is a great opportunity to get in on some early betting action. The most popular bet is which player will be selected first overall.

Once the player is picked, a bet can be placed on what the team will do with their first player pick. They can either keep the player or trade him to another team. Other popular betting options include which college football conference will have the most picks. How many quarterbacks will be picked in the first round and how many running backs will be picked overall.

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