The 2019 Pro Bowl

Jake Cooper - 21 Dec 2018

American Football, or more specifically the NHL is one of the busiest sport markets in on the online betting industry. While the sport is only played in the US, millions of fans all around the world tune in to watch the action as the season unfolds.

Aside from the season ending Super Bowl, one of the biggest games in the NHL is the Pro Bowl. This is essentially the All-Star game of the NHL and is played at the end of the season, usually a week before the Super Bowl.

The proximity to the season finale means that players participating in the Super Bowl do not compete in the Pro Bowl in case of injury of fatigue. The Pro Bowl was first played in 1951 and consists of teams made up of nominated players from the AFC and the NFC. Players are nominated by coaches, other players and fans, each counting one third of the overall vote.

The Game Setup

The two teams play as in their conference All-Star team positions, which makes the game so exciting. It is the only time in the season that many of the best players are on the field at the same time. Because injury is a high concern, the rules for the Pro Bowl are slightly different to a standard NHL game. The rules include changes like no shifting by the offence, intentional grounding, no blindside, no rushing punts and others to reduce the impact on the players.

In 2013, the NHL experimented with creating non-conference teams. For three years, teams were chosen by captains and could be picked from any active player in the NFL. From 2016, the NHL switched back to the AFC and NFC conference setup. Due to the nature of the setup and the quality of the players on the field, the scoring tends to be fairly tight with the AFC winning the 2017 game 24 points to 23. In the overall Pro Bowl standings, the AFC have won 23 games while the NFC have won 22.

Dates and Betting Options

The 2019 Pro Bowl will kick off on the 27th of January. The game will be played at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. For anyone interested in betting on the game, the most popular bet is the outright winner or the winning conference team.

Other popular betting options include predicting the most valued player for Offence and for Defence. Bookmakers also offer a full range of prop wagers on individual statists like total number of touchdowns, field goals, first team to score and last team to score.

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