Ashes: Australia vs. England 5th Test

Jake Cooper - 08 Jan 2018

In the world of Test Cricket, there is one tournament that trumps all others. Known as the Ashes, the Annual 5-day Test tournament between Australia and England is a longstanding tradition that dates back to the 1800’s. Year after year, the two Commonwealth countries go head to head for the bragging rights and the trophy to sit proudly on display for the nation to admire.

The Legend of the Ashes

The legend of the Ashes started back in 1882. While the first Test match between Australia and England was actually played in 1877, it wasn’t until the ninth test that the legend was born. In 1882, Australia was on tour in England and scheduled to play a single Test match against a formidable English team. Held at the Oval in London, the match was a particularly low scoring affair on a difficult wicket. Australia managed a paltry 63 runs in the first innings but England only managed to create a lead of 38 runs.

The second innings were not much better for the visitors, giving England just 85 runs needed for victory. Despite their best efforts, the home side were bowled out; just eight runs shy of their target. The demoralising and absolute collapse of the English side became instant news headlines across the country. A satirical poem was published about the “Death” of English cricket and how its body would be cremated and taken back to Australia in an urn.

The Birth of a Series

On their tour to Australia the following year, the English captain promised to recover the ashes and bring them back home. What started as a satirical poem turned into an official 5 match series taking place each year with alternating hosts. This year, Australia is hosting the Ashes and have already stamped their dominance on the tournament. Australia won the first test by 10 wickets, needing just 173 runs in the second innings.

The Ashes 2017

In the second test, England made a great start but fluffed the second inning again, handing Australia a 120-run win. In the third test, Australia found their stride, thumping England by an innings and 41 runs. Having already clinched the series, the Australians have a point to prove. The Australian Captain has already made his intentions clear that they are aiming for a whitewash. While the fourth test will prove to be interesting, it’s the fifth and final test that will determine whether England retain a smidgen of pride or go home with their tales between their legs.

Betting on the 5th Test

The 5th Ashes test is scheduled to take place on the 4th of January 2018. While bets on the series winner is not up for debate, there are plenty of betting opportunities up for grabs. If you want to get in on the betting action, you can place bets on who will win the final test, who will be man of the match, if Australia will complete their whitewash and by how many runs the winning team will win by. Check out top online betting sites William Hill, Betway Sports and Titan Bet and see if you can predict who will be the winner. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details