Dallas Mavs Vs LA Clippers Game Preview

Jake Cooper - 08 Feb 2022

With the Dallas Mavericks about to play the LA Clippers on Feb. 11, it’s an interesting exercise to reflect just where the Mavs rank among the best of the NBA right now.

Despite all the various critique they endured following a few regrettable off-season decisions, they’re now a universe removed from their season-starting -1.9 net rating. In fact, considering their last 15 games played, the Mavs for on an altogether different level.

While definitely not the stat to end and consume all others, that of net rating does offer a clear indication of who the league’s best teams are in terms of performance and Playoff hopes. Currently ranked second in net rating while trailing only Western Conference leaders the Phoenix Suns, the Mavs are right up there with the best of them.

And perhaps rather than lamenting the fact that the Mavs have led a mediocre offense this season, their net rating should be considered even more impressive than under typical circumstances.

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Interesting Times For Clippers

The Clippers, meanwhile, appear unsure of whether or not either Paul George or Kawhi Leonard will be returning at all this season.

Leading up to practice time on Saturday morning, George could be seen off to one side of the gym practising shots with his left hand. The star Clippers guard has been out of action with a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow ever since Dec. 22. And while he’s due to undergo an MRI on Feb. 24 to determine how his elbow has responded to treatment and rest, according to Lawrence Frank, George’s elbow won’t be the only factor to determine a timeline for his return.

Said president of basketball operations Frank on the weekend, the idea is to treat the player, and not merely the injury.

With Or Without George, Kawhi

While the Clippers have experienced quite a bit of turbulence without George and Kawhi, they’ve not allowed their absence to stand in the way of building a support cast pending their return.

Also, they’ve remained competitive enough to remain in the running for Western Conference Playoff contention.

On Friday, the LA Clippers acquired Robert Covington and Norman Powell from the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Keon Johnson, Eric Bledsoe, and Justise Winslow. Priority number 1 for the Clippers right now is clearly to acquire as many assets and talents as possible. And considering their win over the Lakers last week, it seems they just might be a relevant contender even without two of their best players.

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