Brooklyn Nets Vs Miami Heat NBA Game Preview

Dean Riley - 27 Feb 2022

Brooklyn Nets will on March 4 meet the Miami Heat on the hardwood at Barclays Center. This makes for an exciting NBA meet right now, especially given the possibility Nets star Kyrie Irving may be permitted to compete in the home-game.

According to recent reports, New York City mayor Eric Adams is now considering lifting vaccine mandates in the city. This means Irving could soon return to playing in away games as well as in home games at Barclays Center.

Such an event will excite fans no end as it would open the playing field for the Nets to have Irving back full-time.

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Possible Turn-Around Material  

The reason for this particular news being such a big deal in the world of the NBA is that such a leeway could lead to the Nets becoming Finals contenders once more.

Irving’s return will undoubtedly provide massive relief to Kevin Durant, who has been working in overdrive to carry the team all season long. Should the stars align in favour of the Nets, Irving’s return should coincide with Durant’s return from injury and Ben Simmons’ first games with the team.

Since Brooklyn has quite the hole to dig itself out of right now, the news regarding Irving simply could not have come at a better time.

In other important Nets news, Goran Dragic, who recently became a free agent, has said he’ll be signing with the Nets for the remainder of the 2021-22 season. Dragic started out the season playing for the Toronto Raptors before moving to the San Antonio Spurs at the trade deadline.

The veteran guard reportedly had several avenues to choose from, including the Milwaukee Bucks, the LA Clippers, Chicago Bulls, and Golden State Warriors.

Heat No Easy Push-Over

But the Miami Heat have much to bring to the table for the March 4 meet also. Set to soon commence their post-season push, they emerged No. 3 on the NBA’s power rankings following the All-Star Break.

Significant in this equation is that the Heat have managed to pull a rabbit form the hat without most of their star players. Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry, and Jimmy Butler have combined missed an average of 17.5 games, meaning they’ve had their top four playing in just 15 out of their 59 games.

Even so, Miami’s starting lineup continues to dominate and control, which may indeed spell trouble for the Nets on game-day.

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