Preview of the Football World Cup Qualifiers - Stats, Teams and More

Preview of the Football World Cup Qualifiers Tickets for the 2018 Football World Cup, to be held in Russia, has just gone on sale and the whole world continues to hold its breath and prepare for this huge sporting event. The Qualifying Matches are always considered a good predictor of what will happen in the tournament itself, and for punters playing the long game they are not only entertaining, they’re essential research.

It is, of course, also possible to bet on the Qualifiers themselves to keep your skills sharp, give you a taste of what is to come and possibly win you some tidy payouts. You can bet on them as individual games, while considering how the teams might fare in the World Cup itself based on their performances. With all this in mind, we’re taking a closer look at some of the remaining Qualifiers; specifically, those to be held on 5th and 9th of October.

There are several Qualifiers to be played, and while there are no specific odds on them yet, they all promise to be quite exciting; by this stage of the Road to Russia every Qualifying Match is important. We’re focusing on the ones we think will be most riveting here, but we encourage you to pay attention to them all.

Qualifying Games on October 5 2017

  • Peru vs. Argentina: This is the most important qualifier for South Americans, as Argentina’s participation in the World Cup could be in jeopardy for the first time since 1970. Their performance so far has been sub-par and they’ve had only 6 wins in 15 games. In contrast, Peru has shown strength in every game and after beating Ecuador and Bolivia they are closing in on the top 5. If Argentina loses this match, they’ll sit out the World Cup and tensions are at an all-time high, as honour is on the line, and so are Peru’s hopes of making history.
  • Colombia vs. Paraguay: The results and average stats comparison of Colombia and Paraguay show they are neck and neck, and if you look at their last 5 games they have both won 2. Colombia, however, has drawn in their other 3 matches while Paraguay has lost. In the past 4 games they have played against each other, Colombia has also emerged victorious on each occasion. For now, if pressed, we’d have to back them.
  • Northern Ireland vs. Germany: Both sides have won their last 5 games and are looking in fine fettle. Our money’s on Germany, though, since they won both head-to-heads with Northern Ireland in 2016.
  • England vs. Slovenia: These nations are also well matched in terms of their last 5 games, with 3 wins each. Slovenia has lost 2 games while England has lost 1 and drawn 1, but out of the last 4 times they have gone up against each other Blighty has only won once; all the other times the glory has gone to Slovenia. On the third hand, England has averaged more goals. It should be a very tight match.

Qualifying Games on October 5 2017Qualifying Games on October 9 2017

  • Ukraine vs. Croatia: The balance in Group I has been a hot topic of conversation all through this Qualifying season, and things remain very tight. Ukraine and Croatia are currently separated by 2 points only, so this match is especially crucial and should prove to be especially nail biting. Ukraine won against Croatia in their only previous head-to-head, but they are very close on average stats and results comparisons right now. This really is anybody’s game.
  • Iceland vs. Kosovo: We’ve added this because we think all the Group I matches are going to be an important viewing, to decide what to bet on as a whole. But when you look at these 2 countries, Iceland really seems streets ahead. They beat Kosovo in their only previous match against them, have an average of 1.38 goals scored to Kosovo’s 0.38 and have won 3 of their last 5 games, where Kosovo has won none.
  • Finland vs. Turkey: This is a very similar situation to Iceland and Kosovo. Finland and Turkey are in Group I too, and Turkey has won 4 of their last matches; double Finland’s 2 wins. They also defeated Finland 2-0 in their previous World Cup Qualifier, in March this year.
  • Albania vs. Italy: Italy has 6 points more than Albania at the moment; they are sitting at 19 and 13 respectively. With Football as important as it is to the Italians, and considering they have an average score of 2.38 where Albania’s average is 1.25, they are the firm favourites. But with both sides giving their all, the match should still make for entertaining viewing. And, as we’ve seen in the past, anything can happen!