Suns Vs Bulls March 19 NBA Game Preview

Dean riley - 15 Mar 2022

While the Suns’ push for a remarkable season has been obscured with much drama in the NBA of late, Phoenix remains in hot pursuit of the best record in the league.

In an ecosystem so preoccupied with drama, last-minute changes, and outright sizzle, the Suns’ obvious commitment to keeping up an impeccable performance has gone mostly under the radar.

The Suns dealt a perfect hammering to the Portland Trail Blazers by a massive 30 points last week, a feat that saw them crowned the first team in the NBA to reach 50 victories. No surprises there, since the Suns have remained mostly undefeated this season.

They’ll be playing against the Chicago Bulls at Footprint Center on Saturday, March 19, and chances are they’ll likely continue their current winning streak.

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Suns Getting The Job Done

Perhaps most incredible of all is that the Suns have managed to achieve all that they have without Chris Paul, and most recently also without top scorer Devin Booker. As such, there appears to be little evidence to suggest that they’ll be forfeiting their hold on top seed in the West, where they’re placed seven games better than second-rankers the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Suns have come within the breadth of a hair of a championship and have made the finals three times. It’s no secret right now that with only a month to go until the Playoffs, the Suns are undoubtedly writing an all-new chapter in the NBA right now.

Possibly the biggest driving force has been the fact that everybody playing for the Suns has their own specific role to fulfil. In short: they’re more than just getting the job done. Every time.

Big Return For Chicago

Big news in the land of the Chicago Bulls right now is the return of Alex Caruso.

Caruso, complemented by Lonzo Ball, seems to have put to bed most questions about the Bulls’ defense. They’ve emerged a powerful and dynamic duo on the hardwood, and they’ll be a force to be reckoned with for Phoenix.

When Caruso plays, the Bulls are going it at 20-9, after going just 12-10 without him. The return of the playmaker sets Chicago on a new road to victory just in time as far as the current season goes.

Possibly the best example of this had been Chicago’s victory over the Cleveland Cavs on the weekend. The 101-91 win marked the first time the Bulls have managed to hold an opponent under 100 points since January.

Better times are beckoning for Chicago, and it might well soon end up being at the peril of one of the most successful squads in the NBA. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details