Suns Vs Magic Feb. 13 NBA Game Preview

Dean Riley - 09 Feb 2022

With the trade deadline now just days away, and the current season around two-thirds complete, this week marks an important time in the NBA – including the first Finals rematch for the Phoenix Suns.

While the Suns last week saw an incredible 11-game winning streak come to an end, what’s become clear as day is that they plan on continuing to take care of business.

Right now, the Suns are a team to watch, with more of 60% of their games won. Even though they’ve a three-game edge on everybody worth watching right now, it should be mentioned that they’ve played the fewest games within the golden group.

On Feb. 13, they’ll be taking to the hardwood opposite the Orlando Magic, who appear to be stuck between stagnant and solid right now, and fans are preparing either for a comeback or utter disaster.

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Magic Wanting For Orlando

It’s a known fact that the more comfortable any player is within their role, their surroundings, and their team’s internal system, the less likely they are to make mistakes.

This sense of belonging, and perhaps a certain sort of comfort, certainly goes a long way towards helping to keep the roster intact. Also, cultivating edges, however marginal, can mean make or break even when playing against a stronger team.

This is exactly the sort of continuity the Magic are in desperate need of right now. 

But with everything said and done, continuity can also have an undesired and opposite effect: instead of helping a team grow, it can also lead to complacency. And together with complacency, a lack of progress.

A Time Of Uncertainty  

For the Orlando Magic, continuity has meant both helping and hurting growth.

While the Magic had once been happy with the way their roster and games were progressing, a string of injuries has made it difficult to remember just how good they used to be – and certainly still can be.

Currently struggling to stay afloat in an Eastern Conference filled with up-and-coming teams, what Orlando’s roster could potentially (someday) become remains a headlining conversation.

Right now for Orlando, the task at hand is obvious and clear: improve and move forward at a pace perhaps slightly steadier than what we’ve seen so far this season. And while they do currently resemble basket of fresh produce on the edge of expiry, there does seem to be something of a desire to do better and be better as a team.

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